What my clients are saying...

Ben Lazarus

"Saw Andy after years of extensive running problems for some one-on-one tuition and contact time. Each hour was tailored specifically to me and the issues I have, all planned and structured to perfection. The biggest compliment I can give Andy is that I now run 20km a week, injury and issue free - and I hadn't been able to do that for 5+ years despite extensive 'traditional' physio. Cannot recommend him highly enough."

Jake Fan

"Completed a 5-week course with Andy to cover the Alexander Technique and all things running. Each session was carefully planned and extremely informative. I've been completing triathlons for 7 years and most (if not all) of the areas that have been covered have been incredibly useful. There has been a wealth of information to take away and I have already noticed distinct changes in my running technique. Andy is time-efficient and has a breadth of knowledge to deal with all the questions raised by any type of runner. Will be looking to do a recap with Andy in the near future to enable further progression."

Chris Moon

"Andy is amazing and changed my life. I went to Andy after a severe herniated disc. While initial pain had subsided I was still left with many problems. Within a few weeks a lot of those problems had started to subside and I learnt more about my body and how I correct behaviours that would in turn help the quality of my life. Within 2 months we were running together in the park, which was the first time I had done more than walk in over 2 years. Andy is also a great guy, lovely to spend time with and has significantly increased the quality of my life. I would highly recommend him."

Gavin Miller

"After a 6-week course with Andy offering tweaks, my running is now more efficient requiring less effort and delivering greater outputs, making it more enjoyable and comfortable. I would highly recommend trying it out for yourself."

Emma Stubbs

"Having noticed some changes in the way I walk, as well as pain in my neck and shoulders from working on a laptop and carrying a small office around on my back, I decided to try Alexander Technique to see if I could make some improvements. Andy was a thorough and patient teacher. We used sessions to focus on different movements: walking up and downstairs; working on a laptop; sitting down and standing up. Throughout the sessions Andy explained how the body moved in a way which made the process seem very simple and enabled me to keep working on my movement on my own. I had no idea that overthinking how I move was having such an impact on me, how tense this made my body and how it limited more natural motion. Andy helped me to realise that bodies move and that I didn’t need to force anything – seems simple but was a revelation to me. I’ve still got work to do but Andy has done a great job in getting me back to basics."

Jane Bowyer

"The lessons have made a big difference and are helping to break the old habits I have accumulated over the years. This is the first system I have found that is helping with my shoulder problems."


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