Lessons in the Alexander Technique will help you learn skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Rather than having a treatment done to you by a therapist, you will instead play an active role in understanding your movement habits and take more responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.


During the first lesson, we will discuss your history of injuries and other problems you may wish to address, as well as the reasons you are coming for lessons and what you are hoping to achieve.


Lessons involve the teacher and client working together to explore movement using a mix of non-invasive hands-on work, verbal explanations and simple anatomy.


Each lesson is tailored to the client and in them we will explore the way you use your body in everyday tasks such as walking, movement into and out of a chair and working at a desk. There may also include a period lying in a semi-supine position during which the teacher will use some gentle hands-on work to encourage your back and other muscles to lengthen and relax. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended to allow free movement.

Individual lessons cost £45 for the initial hour-long lesson then £40 for 45-minute follow-up lessons. I also offer one-on-one AT running sessions at £50 per hour and small groups. Please contact me for more information and pricing for group running sessions.

"I often say to my patients that if they think of themselves as a car, then the physiotherapist could be seen as the mechanic, i.e. the person who optimises the joints and builds up core stability. In contrast the Alexander Technique teacher can be likened to the driving instructor, teaching them how to drive their body with more skill."

Dr Philip Bull, FRCP, consultant rheumatologist

                                                                             Tel: 07790 027290  Email: info@andysmith.uk.com

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