An estimated 30 million work days are lost in the UK every year due to back, neck and muscle problems. And according to the Work Foundation, around 44 million workers in the EU have musculoskeletal disorders caused by their workplace.

All of this is happening despite companies spending a large amount of money on work station assessments, on-site masseurs and expensive 'ergonomic chairs'.

But does your company ever think about investing money in how staff actually use themselves? And how many office workers consider addressing their health and wellbeing at work as a way to get more from life in their downtime?

Thankfully, word is spreading about how the Alexander Technique can help combat the issue of back and neck problems and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs), with firms such as Google, the BBC, Deloittes, ICI and Vitorinox all working with Alexander teachers.

During one-on-one lessons or group workshops, clients will learn how to use their bodies more efficiently and effectively, reduce unnecessary tension and allow a greater freedom of movement, even when sitting. Breathing often improves, which in turn allows more oxygen to enter the bloodstream, providing more energy, calmness and increased efficiency, as well as a happier workplace.

For staff, it could mean fewer aches, pains and RSIs, a more enjoyable working environment and a greater overall quality of life that isn’t held back by pain.

And for managers in a corporate environment, the results of staff taking Alexander lessons could mean fewer sick days from their team and greater productivity when the workforce is in the office.

The technique is also widely recognised as an invaluable tool to help prepare for important presentations, interviews and talks and to reduce stress.

I offer tailored packages to work in corporate environments. Please get in touch via the Contacts page to discuss requirements.

In the meantime, below is a short animation about how to sit well while working at a computer:

"It's true - the Alexander Technique works!"

Laszlo Bock, Global Head of PR, Google


"I can’t imagine the company now without Alexander Technique.”

Paul Auf der Maur, Head of Production, Vitorinox

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