My particular area of interest is in helping people perform – whether that's with a musical instrument, on a sports field or just in everyday life.

I am qualified 'Art of Running' instructor, having studied under Alexander teacher and athletics coach Malcolm Balk to teach his S.M.A.R.T. Running method. And as a former county-level sportsman and big sports fan, I am interested in how AT can streamline sporting technique and reduce the risk of injury.

I'm also an enthusiastic supporter of the work that AT can offer education. In September 2016 I began teaching Alexander Technique at Uppingham School in Rutland, working with both music scholars and non-musicians aged 13-18, as well as their successful cross country team. Elsewhere I have helped run group AT workshops within secondary schools and am part of the 'Alexander in Education' group for AT teachers looking to widen the remit of our work. Furthermore I have assisted in the Alexander department at the Royal College of Music in London and have worked individually with professional and amateur musicians to improve efficiency and refine technique.

My relationship with the Alexander Technique began after suffering with years of injuries and pain. A slipped disc in my back aged 27, plus shoulder surgery, knee, ankle and neck problems and numerous other niggles prevented me from playing competitive sport and forced me to take time off my work as a sports journalist. I needed to change something if I wanted a normal life again and that's when I discovered AT.

From my first taste at an introductory group class, my interest was piqued. Many of my questions as to why my injuries occurred - and why they kept recurring - were suddenly addressed. I realised that rather than just being injury-prone, many of my problems were caused by what I was putting my body through. The way I moved, the way I stood and sat, and the way I performed everyday tasks with more effort and muscular tension than was necessary was actually doing long-term damage to my body.

After taking short a series of one-to-one lessons I knew that AT was the answer I was looking for to live my life with less pain and to undo the unhelpful habits that were causing my problems. I have since learned to move with greater freedom and less tension and have even become a keen runner and running coach – something I thought I would never be able to do again after all my years of pain.

When I decided to take a career move away from journalism, the logical step was to train as an Alexander teacher and I undertook the three-year full-time training course at the London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training (LCATT). I am a fully accredited and insured member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).

"My lessons with Andy have made a big difference and are helping to break the old habits I have accumulated over the years. This is the first system I have found that is helping with my shoulder problems."
Jane B, yoga teacher

"Throughout our lessons Andy explained how the body moved in a way which made the process seem very simple and enabled me to keep working on my movement on my own. He helped me to realise that bodies move and that I didn’t need to force anything – seems obvious but it was a revelation to me."
Emma S, administrator

                                                                             Tel: 07790 027290  Email: info@andysmith.uk.com

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